What people are saying about Road Rage

"The movie is really damn good. :) Congratulations on so many things - great laughs, groan-inducing examples of ugly human nature, tears (that scene with P.J. at the gravesite got me - damn), and some truly exquisite editing."

"Warm, zany, funny.....I loved it! Great casting!"

"Great night - Awesome movie –"

"I can't believe how connected I feel to everyone's performance - but mostly to Adam - the strength of his abandon makes the plot thicken."

"There were so many things to like about this movie, but I enjoyed the script more than anything.  I had so many genuine laughs. That first sex scene between Matt and Missy, where she is giving him directions....very funny! Acting and direction of that difficult scene was perfect too! Kudos to you and your company for all of it!"

"...laughed so much and loved the movie !"

"ROAD RAGE is so well done, I was surprised. Good work Brad and all!"

"Great performances, but the most important Kudos goes to Brad's editing!"

"Great movie!"

"I absolutely love this new cut of the film. I'm honored to have been part of this. I even ordered a frame for my poster."

"Terrific movie and excited for more!"

"It is a great movie....laughs + commentary = a great movie."

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"A very funny..must see movie.. loved it"

"This movie was so wonderful, funny, and poignant, I am going to see it in New York City again next week!"

"...what an awesome premier! We think it's a fantastic film. Everyone's performances were wonderful - such an interesting storyline, cleverly written and presented. Brad Mays, the cast and all involved have so much to be proud of. Bravo!!

"I found this to be very profound, very emotional, and... beautiful."

"The film is extraordinary. I couldn't make the premiere, so I had to watch on DVD--but even on a smaller screen, it was a terrific story, compellingly told."

"I just finished watching Brad Mays' new film "Road Rage". It was top notch from start to finish:the performances were uniformly good- so many 'moments'...it was also delightful seeing so many familiar faces!  The editing was spot on; the pacing never lagged- it was just tight! Bravo cast and crew."

So. I got my DVD the other day. I decided to put it on for a few minutes after I got home from work today, just to check it out...and I could not stop watching. Honestly, as good as the trailers were, nothing prepared me for how charismatic Adam Roth was as Matt. It is a touching, beautifully written film that I will be thinking about for a long time, and will re-watch again and again. My advice: see this movie!!